Kick-up your participation with these next steps!

  • Host a Superbowl Party! (follow instructions in Game Plan)
  • Spread the word!

Not sure what to say? Here’s a quick template to use. Just copy, paste and send to everyone in your networks.

The Super Bowl is coming in February and there’s some startling information about it that I would like to share with you.

There are 29 million human trafficking victims (i.e. modern-day slaves) in the world today – more now than ever before in history.  One of the most brutal forms of modern-day slavery is sex-trafficking and there are thousands of victims to this dark industry right on our own soil. It’s strange to think that modern day slavery exists, and even more so that big sporting events can be a catalyst for increased incidences of trafficking.

I would like to ask you to participate with me in the Halftime Challenge, which is a social media campaign that will take place leading up to and on the day of the Super Bowl. The aim of the campaign is educate the public and spread the message of abolishing modern day slavery with the hope stop this vile crime before it starts. Please check out the Half-Time Challenge website, specifically the “Game Plan” Tab, and let me know if you will participate. (*Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, UN)

Please see for more information, tweets, images and resources.

Thank you, Your Name

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Stamping out Human Trafficking during Half Time

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