Game Plan

Football on Field

The Strategy:

PLAN to participate. This could include scheduling a party/event for Super Bowl Sunday or, if going to an event, contact the host regarding the following. You could also participate at home simply by being active with facts and posts on your social media outlets.

SEND HT Challenge images and information to organizations and networks you’re involved with and encourage them to spread it to their networks.

CONTACT your friends, family, local businesses, churches and groups you are involved with and encourage them to post on their personal social media.

POST POST POST! Starting now until the Super Bowl, post the images and tweets and increase the amount of posts as it gets closer and closer to the Super Bowl.  Please only use the images and tweets that we have posted on this site and nothing else.

GAME DAY: On Super Bowl Sunday  …

  • Talk about sex trafficking, giving statistics, information, how everyone can help, the hotline number, pray for the girls that will be trafficked that night, ask if anyone has questions, give our resource list and websites.
  • When the discussion nears its end, have everyone take our their phones and POST ALL AT THE SAME TIME (using any social media) simultaneously using #HalftimeChallenge and #HTchallenge.

Click HERE to download specific instructions and suggested talking points.

Find images, statistics, quotes, suggested tweets and more under our Resources tab.

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Please understand that this is not a protest and we do not support any negative talk. The goal of the Halftime Challenge is to generate discussion, communicate facts and statistics using the Super Bowl as a platform to generate awareness of the issue of human trafficking.

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Stamping out Human Trafficking during Half Time

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